HOW TO// get your best skin EVER for your wedding!

Why skincare? Do I really have to invest in skincare -like how important is it really? Can’t the makeup artist just use more coverage to make me look flawless?


Skin care is the foundation to flawless makeup. What everyone needs to realize is that makeup can help with color correcting but not texture. If you want that smooth , flawless, real life filtered glow; we invite you to keep reading!

So you’re a bride and you want to improve your glow -where do you start?
We would encourage you to start your new skin health journey at least 6 months in advance. YES 6 MONTHS (no we aren’t joking)! Starting early allows you to test out products and figure out what will interact with your skin the best to give you your desired results. You can’t expect products to work overnight - IT IS A PROCESS!!
We would also recommend making an appointment with an esthetician to help you figure out what products will work best for your skin. Estheticians are able to assess your complexion way better than you can with your magnified mirror. Together you and your esthetician can create a game plan to accomplish your skin goal whether its zapping acne or to help minimize the look of your pores.
If you are able to, get a facial once a month -if not work with your esthetician about your budget and to learn about which products are most important to help you get to your goals. But do remember products can only get you so far, we like to use the example of going to the dentist. You can buy the best toothpaste and new toothbrushes all the time, but are you 100% sure that your teeth are healthy and clean until you meet the dentist? Same goes with seeing an esthetician -our skin is constantly changing so until you meet a professional, your routine might not even be doing anything towards your goals!
SHAMELESS PLUG COMING IN HOT — if you need a recommendation for an esthetician, and are living in Minnesota. You can go see our very own, Lisa who is a licensed esthetician at the LifeSpa in Fridley!

So the wedding is just way too expensive and you can’t afford new products or to see an esthetician -are there different ways for me to up my glow?
Absolutely! Being able to see an esthetician will help you get to your skin goals much faster, however we understand that might not be for everyone’s budget (although it should be! Just think of the education, relaxation, and goodies you can have)!
For starters make sure you have the basics of a skin care routine:

  • Cleanser - remove makeup + free radicals from your skin

  • Toner - to rebalance your skin and prep for the next step

  • Serum - higher concentrated serum to get deep into your skin

  • Moisturizer - to seal everything in and keep your skin soft

  • Exfoliation - to use once a week to fluff off dead skin cells

Having these 5 things is a good standard to any skincare routine and you will be able to move forward towards your skin glow goal!

Some other things you can do are:

  • drink LOTS of water, we know -its cliche BUT 1000% TRUE!

  • get your beauty rest, also cliche but you need to prevent those bags from coming in!

  • consider drinking green juice (theres tons of antioxidants that will help drain the lymphatic system and decrease puffiness)

  • use SPF -we beg of you!

We love seeing future brides taking initiative to help better themselves. Skincare is important and its life changing -we also love seeing brides continue to take our advice past their wedding date. Invest in your skin for long lasting skin love and constantly looking younger than you are ;)

Let us know what your whats your favorite skin care item, or if you had have comments/questions or concerns in the comments below!

Wedding Makeup at The Minneapolis Depot in Minnesota

Fall magic was in the air for this wedding! When we got the gallery, our mouths just dropped at how beautiful the photos are. Natasha just kills the game with her photography skills; we are just in awe by her ability to capture a fairy tale feel. Along with working with Natasha, we ran into our friends at Nalia’s Events where we watched them set up a ceremony that belongs in a movie, and created bouquets of flowers that will become the most pinned floral arrangement of all time!!

Although we didn’t get the pleasure of doing Tiffany and her bridal squad’s hair; we were happy to have made a new friend there! Elle from Blissful Beauty 365, created effortless hairstyles, even we were in awe!

The whole wedding just seemed like scenes taken from a rom-com based in Minneapolis. You can see the beautiful leaves changing and the iconic Stone Arch Bridge. Minneapolis brides, there is so much magic to still be discovered! We would love to see a bride take some photos by the Mill Ruins area -until then we can just be mesmerized by Tiffany and Brad’s wedding day!