Anna & Jesse: Rustic Dreams in Spicer, Minnesota

I love love LOVED this wedding!! It just had such a beautiful and fun vibe to it. What truly made this bride tribe so fun was because they all were able to just chill in the morning and allowed BeautifulCreationsByB and I to just do our thing! Trust me when I say, when you're in a wedding and you gotta wake up early in the morning and do an all day celebration, the last thing you wanna really do is your hair and makeup! I honestly think its so important to be present in the moment with your best friend on one of her most important days of her life as well. 

The getting ready location was in up in Spicer, Minnesota in a cabin. Location was amazing and right off the lake! 

The photos were taken by the ever so talented, Tarah Elise Photography! Check her out, her photos tell an amazing story!

Makeup: Lisa of LHNBEAUTY
Hair/Makeup: B of BeautifulCreationsByB
Photography: Tarah Elise of Tarah Elise Photography