Catching up with former bride, Kristi!


Hey y’all!

We hope everyone is having an amazing day today! We were able to catch up with one of our former brides last week and nothing made us more happy! Kristi was so kind enough to answer some questions for us to hopefully help all of you future brides — seriously though, who better to give out advice than someone who actually went through all of it!

Lets back track a bit and reminisce Kristi and Seth’s wedding day.

Kristi and Seth tied the knot back on October 13th, 2018 in Rockford, Minnesota. Their wedding vibe was rustic hometown country —the coziest and warmest feels. Kristi and Seth grew up together and what we can remember about this couple is that Seth, is a goofball with a heart of gold and Kristi has the most beautiful soul and is the sweetest person in this universe. YES UNIVERSE!!!

Now we know you are dying to know what Kristi has to say so lets just dive right in!

LHNBEAUTY: So, what was your favorite moment or memory from your wedding day?
Favorite moment/memory from the wedding? That’s a tough one, I have so many! The whole morning getting ready with my girls, laughing and dancing, is for sure one of the best memories. I think something I will always cherish was dancing with my dad. Is it weird that I can’t remember a time ever dancing with just him and I? It was such a special moment with my dad.
LHNBEAUTY: We don’t think thats weird at all! If you really think about it -when would you ever really dance with your dad. Unless you went to those daddy/daughter dances, but then you were a kid. Probably can’t remember that anyway ha.

LHNBEAUTY: If you could turn back time, what would you change or redo about your a?
If I could turn back time and redo my wedding I would spend more time talking with all of our guests during the reception. I spent so much time outside trying to cool off and chat with friends that I wasn’t able to talk or even say hi to a lot of the people that came to celebrate with us. I still feel bad about that to this day.
LHNBEAUTY: You know, I bet your guests understand you weren’t able to say hello to everyone. I mean it was your wedding day, you had a lot going on -no one should be mad; they should all understand :)

LHNBEAUTY: Do you have any advice for future brides that are currently planning their own wedding?
My advice to future brides planning their wedding is to not let family stress you out. There are going to be a million peoaple telling you what they want or what they think you should do, and the only people that should get a say in that is your future husband and you. It’s your day and it isn’t fair for family to make you feel bad about certain decisions or stop you from making them. The only opinions that matter are the ones that you and your love have, and you guys should feel so incredibly special!
Another thing I would say is don’t be too naive either. That might sound bad, but I thought I found the perfect woman to do my flowers and that was the biggest thing that went wrong for my wedding. She made me feel so good about hiring her and like she would make all of my wildest dreams come true after I told her how much I was willing to pay for flowers, and what she dropped off made me cry. So on top of the obscene amount of money I already paid for flowers, I had to leave our grooms dinner early and go buy a couple bouquets from a grocery store to fix all of the center pieces because she was unwilling to fix them and wouldn’t even give me a discount. Make sure you find legitimate business people to do the things that you’re spending serious money on! Don’t be afraid to do things yourself either! It’s not as scary as it sounds.
LHNBEAUTY: Oh my gosh, we totally remember that morning and the flowers! You have great family and friends around you that helped change that around! But we are still surprised about that florist’s customer service.


LHNBEAUTY: We gotta ask, why did you choose as as your beauty team?
It was so hard to find someone to do hair and makeup for us girls because a lot of people were already booked out! I didn’t realize how busy of a month October is for weddings, so I was so lucky when I found out that you guys were available the day of my wedding! I looked at your work on Instagram and it was exactly what I wanted. When I went for my makeup and hair trial, Lisa and Sarah Marie were so great and we had so much fun together, so I knew I picked the right people for the job! And it was the exact same the day of my wedding. They had my girls and I laughing the whole morning. I wish they could’ve been with us for the whole day!
LHNBEAUTY: Um here comes the tears -we wish we were able to celebrate with you all day as well!

LHNBEAUTY: So now we have to ask, what was your favorite part about working with us?!
I would choose lhnbeauty time and time again if I was able to redo the day of my wedding. Lisa is an absolute sweetheart to work with and makes you feel so incredibly comfortable and beautiful! I for sure gained a friend after that day ☺️ Sarah was amazing too and I’m sure everyone else on her team that does hair is too! All of my girls told me how talented lhnbeauty is and how much fun they had with Lisa and Sarah. My mom decided she wanted lashes put on the morning of and Lisa was totally fine with throwing them on my momma!  If there’s ever a time where I need to get my makeup done again in the future I will always go to Lisa for it! She is extremely talented and will make you feel like the prettiest girl in the world on your big day!
LHNBEAUTY: Ok, now we are crying for real. Thank you so much for being you and seriously being one of our favorite weddings we had the pleasure of being a part of last year!