5 Things Your Makeup Artist Wants You To Know

So you’re getting your makeup done -whether its your bridal trial for your wedding or just for a night on the town, you’ve never gotten your makeup done before! Truthfully, this can be a really exciting experience or an awful experience depending on the artist you’ve chosen. However, theres a universal understanding between all makeup artists and things that we want all clients to understand. So lets dive on in!

1. We are just as nervous and excited as you are!
Honestly, that first initial meeting is always nerve wracking! We often wonder: what your personality is like -if you are friendly and outgoing, or more reserved and introverted. What your inspiration photo is -something glam or something more natural. Or if you’re nit picky or just don’t have much to say about the direction of the look. In the end, we makeup artists are passionate about what we do. We love being able to bring your vision to life and making people feel beautiful!

2. Don’t fully believe your inspiration photos.
As everyone should know, theres a lot of filters floating around in the pinterest and instagram world -and lets not forget photoshop. While we love inspiration photos because it shows us what you love and what you don’t love, we also have a hate relationship with them. What we truly want you to know is that, while we will recreate the look that you want us to create, we will tailor that look to your features or even tell you no all together. We are in this business to make you feel beautiful and confident and the inspiration photos is more of a guide rather than a copy and paste.



3. Speak up when you don’t like something!
Again, we are in this business to make YOU feel beautiful and confident! While we are the professionals, your opinion truly matters to us! We want to know if you want to tweak your eyeliner, make your eyeshadow a little smokier, or go for a bolder lip. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and if you love a dramatic eye with a bold lip -we are happy to oblige as long as you are happy!! Now this isn’t to say if you are asking for something completely absurd, we will say something…

4. Makeup brands don’t make the artist, technical skills do.
One of the most common questions we get are what are your favorite makeup brands or whats your favorite (insert product category)? These are probably two of the most difficult questions you can ask a makeup artist, because quite frankly we have many favorites. Theres many great drug store products and high end products, but whatever the artist chooses its because it works for them and their application techniques. Just because its our favorite, doesn’t mean it would be yours -theres learning curves for every type of product, drug store and professional!

5. You are beautiful.
Honestly and truly. God has created you in the most perfect way and makeup was created to enhance your natural beauty. What hurts us the most is when we get a client that sits in our chair and wants to look like a completely different person. Here at LHNBEAUTY, we understand that we all have insecurities (because we are human) but we will refuse any requests of extreme altercation. Our goal is to always make sure you look like yourself, to enhance your best features and bring that inner confidence out! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND DO NOT LET ANYONE TELL YOU OTHERWISE!