Capturing who you are

You are about to start the last year of your senior year in high school. This is monumental! You should feel so proud that you are accomplishing this chapter in your life and you’re getting ready to take on a new adventure!

Let LHNBEAUTY help express your style and creativity for your senior photos, homecoming dance, and prom! We do have a special makeup and hair rate for graduating seniors so check us out!



Makeup - $60
*Includes a full face application + false lashes

Hair - $50
*Straight, wavy or curls. No pinning involved

Add ons - $10/$15
*Airbrush foundation
**Hair extensions placement




Natural and perfect!

“I didn’t want anything extreme since it was for my senior pictures. Just something subtle and pretty and it turned out EXACTLY how I wanted it to! Natural and perfect!”

— J.A.

Such a fun experience!

“Being at the studio was such a fun experience. My makeup turned out so perfect and it worked with all of my outfits. I was really worried that my makeup would melt off because it was so hot but it stayed put throughout the whole photoshoot!”

— L.K.

I didn’t even feel the makeup on my face

“I dont normally wear any makeup so I was really nervous when my photographer told me to get my makeup done. But it was natural and pretty and I didn’t even feel the makeup on my face! I was really surprised.”

— J.Y.